Shimon Panfil: Industrial Physics and Simulations
Modeling Programming Optimization Algorithms Data Analysis

Hi, I am physicist. I've got my MSc in Physics from Novosibirsk State University in 1977 and PhD in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics from Institute of Nuclear Physics in 1984 (both in Novosibirsk, Russia). Still in Novosibirsk I enjoyed doing theoretical physics for 15 years, but, after moving to Israel in 1992, I've found myself as an industrial physicist and I've worn this hat for all these years.

What a theoretical physicist can do in industry? Computations, algorithm development, data analysis, simulations, optimizations. I like computers and I've been working with them since my university days, so the switch was relatively easy for me. I worked for several high technology companies but decided to start a new life as an independent industrial physicist and founded SPIPS, which stands for Shimon Panfil: Industrial Physics and Simulations.


I am constantly in search for new interesting and challenging projects. You are welcome to contact me via e-mail when you need a professional in the following fields:

I'll be happy to discuss how my skills and experience can help you achieve your goals.